Like your destination: giving away free Panamaniac Club Cards

  • GoingTo 17.02.2011, 03:32 giving away free Panamaniac Club Cards.

    We are giving away limited number of Panamaniac Party Cards to members. This is an easy option for people who have already joined to get the card for free.

    - All you need to do is to invite at least 3 of your friends you are going to travel with to Panama City Beach to your trip group here at

    Read how to invite here:
    Or just share the link to your travel group and let your friends you will be travelling with click the "Join The Team" button in left sidebar at your trip group.

    If you have any questions please PM (user: GoingTo) and you will get help.

    Post your trip group url in this thread once your friends have joined your trip group and you will be contacted regarding the cards.
    About the Panamaniac Club Card:
    The VIP card gets you free VIP access to all major Spring Break clubs and also free drinks each night. Read more about the card here:
    The Panamaniac Club Card is a must have for any Spring Break party goer in Panama City Beach Florida.
    - Your friends must create an valid account to be able to join your trip group.
    - The account must have an valid avatar uploaded.
    - Only the trip group creator is able to participate in this. Other people who are members of a already trip, cannot participate in this.
    (We will check everything manually before giving away the cards.)
    - Limited amount of cards will be given away to those who first qualify.
    Last modification by: GoingTo 20.02.2011, 11:21
  • AshleyMonet 17.02.2011, 18:56

    Admin: AshleyMonet =]
  • GoingTo 18.02.2011, 08:09
    AshleyMonet: Thank you for inviting your friends to your trip group!

    You will be contacted soon regarding the card through PM.
  • Matt Rust 22.02.2011, 20:12

    Admin: MattRust

    Thanks goingto! So excited
  • GoingTo 25.02.2011, 13:43
    AshleyMonet and Matt Rust:
    Thank you for inviting your friends to your group.

    Both have been PMed with info about the card.

    We have more cards to give away to members. If you are a trip group creator, invite 3 of your friends to your group and get the Panamaniac Club Card for free!
  • Randy Jr 26.02.2011, 13:59

    Admin: RandyJr

    Thanks goingto!!
  • Pjedge1 01.03.2011, 00:39

    Admin: pjedge1

    Thanks! what a sick deal haha so pumped
  • TylerJack 01.03.2011, 10:32
    Are there are Party Cards left?
  • GoingTo 01.03.2011, 12:10
    Randy Jr: You need to invite 2 more friends to your group, to qualify for free card.

    Pjedge1: Thank you for inviting 3 friends. We have sent you a PM. Please respond!

    TylerJack: Yes, we have more cards to give away. Invite 3 friends you will be travelling with and get the card for free.
  • txamkings1986 01.03.2011, 12:15
    so it only 1 card for the group?
  • GoingTo 01.03.2011, 12:20
    txamkings1986: Yes, only for the trip creator, the one who joined and invited his friends to his group.
  • Frenchy 02.03.2011, 17:47

    Admin: Frenchy

    My team and me can't wait for Spring Break !!!!
  • Ben Kolo 03.03.2011, 00:25

    Admin: BenKolo

    This is an awesome promotion! Great site as well!!
  • GoingTo 03.03.2011, 20:38
    Frenchy and Ben Kolo:
    Thank you for inviting your friends. Both have been Pm'ed with further info about the card.
  • Katie Stoltmann 03.03.2011, 22:28

    Admin: KatieStoltmann

    this is such a cool site! love it. YAYY PANAMA
  • Mackie 04.03.2011, 01:01

    Admin: Mackie

    I cant wait until Wednesday! Thanks! Hope I get a panamaniac will complete my trip!!!
  • GoingTo 04.03.2011, 09:31
    Katie Stoltmann and Mackie:
    Thank you for inviting your friends. Both have been Pm'ed with further info about the card.
    We still have more cards to give away!
  • rabaylon22 05.03.2011, 23:48
    Leaving soon!! I hope I get the card!
  • rabaylon22 05.03.2011, 23:56

    Admin: rabaylon22

    Leaving in 6 Hours!
  • llhonzi 06.03.2011, 10:43

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