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Hotels in Panama City Beach ?

  • Going 25.11.2010, 22:04
    Any suggestions on good hotels in Panama City Beach ?
  • Nadia Zahedi 10.01.2011, 21:57
    Summit, Boardwalk, Holiday Inn, Gulf Crest, Laketown Wharf, Paradise Palms, Days Inn.... those are the most popular hotels!
  • Meg 17.01.2011, 10:55
    Holiday Inn! check out this page I found for PCB Spring Break!
  • Amanda Nussbaum 17.01.2011, 16:33
    Holiday inn has always been extremely popular with the college students for spring break.. if you want closer to the 'club' scene... look for someting by Club Lavela/Spinnkaer or Sharky's Beachside club
  • Meg 19.01.2011, 12:04
    Yeah but I can get a $2 shuttle ride to the clubs from the hotel, holiday inn, and still get to stay at the best hotel! I just mapped it and it's only 1.7 miles away from LaVela. We just booked our rooms and cant wait...7 weeks to go!!
  • Stacey Mata 08.02.2011, 12:24
    The Towne of Seahaven! (includes Origin Condo, Seahaven Beach Hotel and Best Value Inn) Location of all- surrounding Sharky's Beach Club!! Stay at one of these properties and get your Sharkstar Party Card for FREE!
  • pilotshuttle 20.02.2011, 19:59
    Here's my opinion on hotels: Summit and the hotels that are around are great location, but pretty expensive. Paradise Palms is a bit cheaper, and not too far away.

    If you are trying to save A LOT of money, pay for a place at you can get a place for $200/ week, but it's a 20-25 min drive. If you really wanna save money I'd do this.

    If anyone needs a ride in PCB or from the airport any of the SB weeks, hit us up. If you have 7 or more, we'll give you the cheapest rate!
  • MikeyB 04.09.2013, 15:58

    We've been loooking at a place for Spring Break called sandpiper beacon. 

    It looksl ike they are a famliy hotel most of the year - but during spring break sounds like it's one of the places to party, since they have a tiki bar and club right here. 

    They are on the west end, so it's not in the middle of all the traffic and chaos - which is fine with us, we can just rent a stretch limo or grab some scooters and roll into town if we need to. 

    I'm still looking for somewhere before i book, so I'm open to suggestions too... 

    But here's what i found so far if it helps anybody else: - main site - spring break site - this is what looks good to me! 

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