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Who can register on

Everyone are welcome to register at

How much does it cost to become a member of is a free service for anyone who loves to travel.

What can I do at

On you can browse and look where everyone else is going to travel. By browsing our directories you can find out where the majority of trips destination will be. Have you ever wondered where the majority of people are going to travel to? Maybe been searching for spring break dates and where the hot spots are for partying? Now you can just use to figure this out. Browse and find the hottest travel spots among your target audience.

What else can I do on

On you can meet travelers to the same destination as you. You may be familiar with them and get to know each other before departure so that you can meet and have fun during the holidays. Why wait to you reach your destination to get to known people? Start already today through Ideal for spring break connecting!

How can I keep my self updated with the people who will travel to the same destination as me?

When you log in, you will find a news system that will only display news / activities that are related to your trips. This way you will always be updated with who's going to the same destination as you. This news page will also serve news and events from your friends / your travel companion activities. If they upload images it will appear in your news page.

What is a travel group?

A travel group is the journey of a person. Here, all of the information of the trip is displayed. A travel group can be used to gather a group of friends / known people to travel together. Anyone who is a member of the same travel group will travel together. In other words, a travel group is made up of your traveling companions. This is to have a place where travel companions can come together, discuss things, upload photos and communicate with each other more effectively before the journey.

How can I create a travel group?

Anyone who creates a journey gets automatically a travel group. While creating a travel group you will get a question asking you how many people you are traveling with. if you are traveling with 4 people you will get the opportunity to invite your 4 friends to join your as your traveling companion so that they will be invited to join your group. You may otherwise find your friends travel group without creating your own and search / ask to join the travel group. It's the admin of a travel group who then decide whether you really are with the travel group and has the right to accept or refuse your request.